12 – 13 October 2022
Tashkent, Uzbekistan + online

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Eurasian Pharma Awards 2022 for 12 winners

Congratulations to the winners from the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club!

Twelve winners of the Eurasian Pharma Awards 2022 were announced at the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit which was held by the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club in Tashkent on the 12th – 13th October. The competition was held for the 3rd consecutive year. 115 applications from pharmaceutical producers, distributors and pharmacy chains were received by the organising committee.



General Pharmaceutical Partner


Lead Pharmaceutical Partner


Pharmaceutical partners

VIVA Pharm


PharmaMS Management Solutions
Proxima Research


Улугбек Сабиров

Ulugbek Sabirov

Бадриддин Абидов

Badriddin Abidov

Бекзод Умматов

Bekzod Ummatov

Сардор Кариев

Sardor Kariev

Улугбек Эгамов

Ulugbek Egamov

Taygun Gunay

Taygun Gunay

Key topics for discussion

Transformation of the pharmaceutical companies’ strategies in new geopolitical conditions

Logistics challenges: how to optimize medicines delivery times and reduce costs?

Regulatory changes in the pharmaceutical markets of Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe

How are approaches to public procurement changing in the countries of the Eurasian region?

Eurasian Economic Union: new challenges and opportunities

Return to national registration for medicines in the EAEU countries

Approaches to the launch of new innovative and generic drugs in the pharmaceutical markets of Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe

Prospects for the development of the clinical trials sector in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

Implementation of pharmaceutical drugs labelling in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan

Pricing for medicines in the countries of Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe

Barriers for the development of analytics in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus and ways to overcome them

Trends in the development of the wholesale and retail segment

Geographic coverage

Trends in the development of the state budget and commercial segments for 13 countries will be discussed at the Summit.

Unique formats

Hybrid format

The new reality has brought changes to the conference business – a hybrid format with offline and online components has become the norm. This format allows less dependency on the speakers’ geographical location as they can join via video conference. Those delegates who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the offline part in Tashkent, can connect online to view sessions, address questions directly to speakers, take part in the round tables and schedule meetings with the other event participants.

Roundtables with regulators

Roundtables with regulators is always an opportunity to ask your questions in a chamber setting. We have found a way to provide interactive communication with regulators not only offline, but also online, which is a unique feature of our events. Each participant of the roundtable can vocalise their question and receive an answer from representatives of state bodies.

Discussions and one-on-one meetings with distributors and pharmacy chains

The Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit is distinguished by the quality of discussions on the commercial segment development trends in the countries of the region. We manage to attract the leading distributors and pharmacy chains from the countries in Central Asia, the Caucasus and Eastern Europe that increase the value of our events for all the attendees. In 2022 we will continue organising one-to-one meetings with the top managers of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the countries of the Eurasian region.

Eurasian Pharma Awards winner’s announcement

GPLC invites pharmaceutical production companies, distributors and pharmacy chains from 13 countries of the Eurasian region to participate in the contest for Eurasian Pharma Awards. In 2021, the organizing committee received 127 applications, and it was a great honor to award 20 winners in 13 nominations. In 2022 applications will be accepted until September 10. The Awards ceremony will take place on October 12 in a hybrid format.

Three reasons to attend the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit


1 The Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit will discuss development trends of pharmaceutical markets in 13 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Mongolia. The conference will be attended by regulators, leading industry players representing international and local pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy chains, representatives of healthcare institutions and patient organizations. Over the course of 15+ sessions industry leaders will discuss the hottest topics.This includes strategies, development trends of the budget and commercial sector, pricing, labeling, sales, marketing, regulatory and medical issues. You will not find a set of topics like this in agendas of other events!

Knowledge of the audience

2 Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club builds a program of events in accordance with the needs of the target audience. Its understanding of the industry is based on extensive market research. The summit program is designed according to the interests of the following professionals: top managers, directors for strategy, market access, drug registration, marketing, sales, regulatory and medical issues. The Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit is the only event where you can discuss trends in the development of the commercial segment with leading distributors and pharmacy chains operating in the CIS countries. We provide a unique opportunity for specialists in charge of regulatory issues to ask questions to representatives of government agencies as part of the roundtable discussions.


3 The offline part of the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit 2022 will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. When selecting it, we took into account the market development trends and the convenience of its geographical location. Face-to-face communication over a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne will always be an effective tool for developing existing business contacts and establishing new ones. The online format provides an opportunity to communicate with the main stakeholders of the industry, regardless of your and their location. Online communication is a great way to meet and identify common interests, which may lead to subsequent development of business relations and signing new deals.

Attendees’ feedback about the Summit