PharmaMS (Gucaga Technologies)


PharmaMS (Gucaga Technologies) develops unique technologies to help manage pharmacies, stores and warehouses. The goal of PharmaMS is to help partners work efficiently, innovatively, methodically and be competitive. Currently new generation Gucaga Technologies, which are more effective than previously developed technologies for managing pharmacy chains, stores and warehouses, are used by more than 8,000 pharmacies. The key features making Gucaga Technologies successful are improving turnover and reducing lost sales by:

  • Managing adequate inventory levels
  • Automatic movement of goods between outlets
  • Sale (Outlet). Automatic price change and product movement
  • Optimization of replenishment time.

Gucaga Technologies help optimize human resources – a pharmacy chain with up to 300 points can be controlled by two managers. Serge Gucaga, Founder of Gucaga Technologies, says: “We will help create a better future for our partners, distributors and pharmacy chains, where they can move forward, not by ignoring problems but by finding their roots and solving them”.

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