Zdorovie.ru is #1 ecosystem of digital services for patients and their doctors in Russia and the CIS. We help pharmaceutical industry leaders grow numbers of both patients and physicians by improving their awareness, understanding and adherence therapy, using a pay-for-performance model. Zdorovie.ru ecosystem includes 4 digital products united by end-to-end services with device integration:

  • Mobile app for the patient Zdorovie.ru
  • Mobile app for the doctor Zdorovie.ru. Doctor
  • Web platform
  • Analytical platform for aggregated depersonalized medical data

Mobile application for patients helps to form a conscious attitude towards the disease and treatment through information, a high level of trust and adherence to therapy. The app has 70K+ monthly active patients, total patient base is 600K+. Mobile application for doctors help healthcare specialists improve diagnosis, therapy and communication with the patient through the use of digital patient care management services, as well as through the training and development of hard & soft skills. The app has 5K monthly active doctors. Zdorovie.ru has implemented 40+ successful projects with international pharmaceutical companies in 30+ medical fields in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries. We believe that together we can make the healthcare system more patient-centered. We invite you to partner – take a short survey and get free analytics for your patients or doctors

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