SANTO Member of Polpharma Group

Pharmaceutical Partner

SANTO is part of the international pharmaceutical group Polpharma, and a leading pharmaceutical company in Central Asia with a portfolio of more than 240 generic drugs in 12 pharmacotherapeutic groups for the treatment of diseases in various spheres of treatment. The company develops, produces, and supplies accessible, high-quality medicines. SANTO Member of Polpharma Group is implementing the largest investment project on the modernization of the existing pharmaceutical production facilities in accordance with the international GMP standards. This project costs approximately 108 million US dollars. The Company also applied for the European Union GMP certificate. SANTO Member of Polpharma Group’s production is located in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The company has representative offices in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan, and exports its products to the Russian and Mongolian markets.

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