AS Olainfarm

Pharmaceutical Partner

JSC Olainfarm, the subsidiary of JSC AB City, is one of the largest companies in the Baltic states with 50 years of experience in the production of medicines and chemical pharmaceutical products. The company’s continuously evolving product portfolio includes 60 finished dosage forms, 25 active pharmaceutical substances, and over 20 intermediates. Their product range encompasses medications for the nervous system, cardiovascular health, as well as antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-allergic drugs. With extensive expertise in pharmaceutical production and development, Olainfarm specializes in products such as adamantane, quinuclidine, and nitrofuran series. The company exports its products to more than 60 countries worldwide, spanning every continent except Antarctica. Olainfarm maintains representative offices or subsidaries in 12 countries, including Uzbekistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Mongolia, Lithuania, Turkey and others. Olainfarm group includes Latvian green pharmaceutical company Silvanols, manufacturer of flexible medical products Tonus Elast, medical institutions Klīnika DiaMed and Olainmed. JSC Olainfarm utilizes modern technologies and holds certifications in various standards, including:

  • Compliance with the Good Manufacturing Practice requirements of the European Union
  • ISO 14001:2015 Environmental and Energy Management Standard
  • ISO 17025:2017 Laboratory Standard
  • Partial compliance with the standards of the US Administration (FDA)
  • Partial compliance with the standards of Australia’s Administration (TGA)

Olainfarm has ambitious plans at the international level – the goal is to be among the 10 largest manufacturing companies in Central and Eastern Europe. The company’s long-term mission is to improve the quality of life of p by developing ever new and innovative solutions, expanding the range of products and making vital medicines more widely available worldwide.

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