Speaker confirmations

Азизов Абдулла Абдисаламович

Abdulla Azizov

Александр Комарида

Alexander Komarida

Sardor Kariev

Ерхат Искалиев

Yerkhat Iskaliyev

Бикеш Курмангалиева

Bikesh Kurmangaliyeva

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At the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit, trends in the development of the budget and commercial segments will be discussed for 13 countries:

Summit in numbers


400+ attendees representing regulatory authorities, leading international and local pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, distributors, pharmacy chains and service providers for the pharmaceutical sector.

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100+ speakers representing regulatory authorities, leading pharmaceutical production companies, distributors and pharmacy chains.

Speakers in 2020

The summit programme will include 20+ sessions on regulation, strategy, sales, marketing and manufacturing.

Preliminary agenda

Key topics for discussion

Pharmaceutical companies’ strategies

Pharmaceutical markets investment potential

Regulatory strategy for Eurasian markets

Mandatory registration of pharmaceutical drugs according to the unified rules of the EAEU

Development of pharmacovigilance in the EAEU countries

Requirements for bioequivalence within the EAEU

Medication pricing strategies

Labeling of medicinal products

Development of public procurement

Prospects for the introduction of innovative contracts in public procurement

Launch of innovative drugs to the market: challenges and solutions

Early market access for drugs and expedited registration procedures

Protection of intellectual property

Prospects for localisation of production

Trends in the development of the commercial segment

Pharmaceutical drugs promotion in a new reality: what will be the balance between offline and online visits

Digital tools in pharmaceutical drug promotion

Ethical issues of pharmaceutical drug promotion

Unique formats

Roundtables with regulators

Roundtables with regulators are always an opportunity to ask your questions in a chamber setting. We have found a way to provide interactive communication with regulators not only offline, but also online, which is a unique feature of our events. Each participant of the roundtable can vocalise their question and receive an answer from representatives of state bodies.

Discussions and one-on-one meetings with distributors and pharmacy chains

The Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit was the first event to discuss development trends of the commercial sector of the pharmaceutical markets in Central Asia and the Caucasus in-depth. We were able to attract top managers of leading distributors and pharmacy chains from European and Asian countries to speak at the forum. This made our events more valuable for delegates. In 2021, we will organise one-on-one meetings with representatives of the Eurasian market leaders.

Eurasian Pharma Awards winner’s announcement

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, distributors and pharmacy chains from 13 countries of the Eurasian region are invited to participate in the contest. In 2020, more than 70 applications were received for the competition awards, and it was a great honor for the team of organizers of the Eurasian Virtual Pharmaceutical Summit to award 19 winners in 13 nominations. This year applications will be accepted until 24 September. The winners will be announced at the summit in Tashkent on 12 October.

Three reasons to attend the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit

1. Content

The Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit will discuss development trends of pharmaceutical markets in 13 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Mongolia. The conference will be attended by regulators, leading industry players representing international and local pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, distributors and pharmacy chains, representatives of healthcare institutions and patient organizations. Over the course of 15+ sessions industry leaders will discuss the hottest topics.This includes strategies, development trends of the budget and commercial sector, pricing, labeling, sales, marketing, regulatory and medical issues. You will not find a set of topics like this in agendas of other events!


2. Knowledge of the audience

Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club builds a program of events in accordance with the needs of the target audience. Its understanding of the industry is based on extensive market research. The summit program is designed according to the interests of the following professionals: top managers, directors for strategy, market access, drug registration, marketing, sales, regulatory and medical issues. The Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit is the only event where you can discuss trends in the development of the commercial segment with leading distributors and pharmacy chains operating in the CIS countries. We provide a unique opportunity for specialists in charge of regulatory issues to ask questions to representatives of government agencies as part of the roundtable discussions.

Preliminary agenda

3. Networking

The offline part of the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit 2021 will be held in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. When selecting it, we took into account the market development trends and the convenience of its geographical location. Face-to-face communication over a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne will always be an effective tool for developing existing business contacts and establishing new ones. Following the pandemic regulations, currently the number of guests is limited to no more than 100 people. However, an unlimited number of people can attend online. The online format provides an opportunity to communicate with the main stakeholders of the industry, regardless of your and their location. Online communication is a great way to meet and identify common interests, which may lead to subsequent development of business relations and signing new deals.


Pharmaceutical manufactures, distributors and pharmacy chains in 2021

Orion Corporation
PTC Therapeutics
Bausch Health
Moscow Endocrine Plant
Orville Services
Аптека Таблетка
Pharm Luxe Invest
Rauza (Kazakhstan)
Sadykhan (Kazakhstan)
Dita Estpharm

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