For more than 20 years Proxima Research has been providing its clients with innovative and expert solutions in the field of high-quality market data, CRM / ETMS integration and support, HCP / HCO database management, multi-channel marketing, implementation of BI solutions, marketing research and consulting with a special focus on the pharmaceutical business development.

Our success factors

Seamless integration

All our products and services can be seamlessly integrated with client company solutions, regardless of the country and representative office size


While expanding our presence overseas, we pay a special attention to maintaining an optimal price/quality ratio as well as prompt implementation and support

Healthcare expertise

Our wide portfolio of innovative products and services is customized for healthcare sector, empowered by 20+ years of expertise and 40+ countries

Our unexcelled products

Pharma HRM
CRM with embedded CLM, GPS, Photo, VisitTrace etc. modules

№1 in CIS HCP&HCO database

Market Audits
Retail & Hospital audits and on-line analytics

Omnichannel marketing communications platform

Data collection, processing, reporting services and dashboarding

Promotional activities monitoring

Real-time monitoring and territory management system

Medical prescriptions audits