26 – 28 September 2023
Samarkand, Uzbekistan

Samarkand Regency Amir Temur

+998 55 705 55 55

Amir Temur was a great ruler of Central Asia, commander, and founder of Samarkand. Samarkand Regency Amir Temur, a luxurious five-star 22-storey hotel, was named after him.

The hotel’s concept is based not only on the rich historical heritage of this region but also on the international experience and global standards of the hospitality industry. Samarkand Regency Amir Temur has become the first and so far the only hotel in Central Asia being a member of the prestigious association – The Leading Hotels of the World.

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The Eternal City

This site which occupies 17 hectares accurately recreates the spirit of the ancient city backed up by the history and traditions of Uzbek lands and Uzbek people for the guests of Silk Road Samarkand.