Eurasian Pharma Awards 2022 for 12 winners

Twelve winners of the Eurasian Pharma Awards 2022 were announced at the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit which was held by the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club in Tashkent on the 12th – 13th October. The competition was held for the 3rd consecutive year. 115 applications from pharmaceutical producers, distributors and pharmacy chains were received by the organising committee.

Congratulations to the winners from the Global Pharmaceutical Leaders’ Club!

Bayer that has become the winner for the 3rd consecutive year.

VIVA PHARM (Kazakhstan)

NIKA PHARM (Uzbekistan)

MEROS PHARM (Uzbekistan)

Arminas Macevicius, Vice-President, Eurasia, STADA

Valentina Buchneva, Head of Business Unit “Eurasia”, Bosnalijek

Hayyom Sharapov, CEO, MEROS PHARM (Uzbekistan)

Andrey Sokolov, Business Operations and Strategic Planning Director, Business Unit “Eurasia”, Bosnalijek

Rano Shakhavdinova, CEO, NIKA PHARM (Uzbekistan)

Olainfarm for the project “ Doc”

Gedeon Richter for the project “Kazakhstan women’s health”

ASKLEPIY Distribution for the project “Automation of the full cycle of business processes of commercial departments”