Eurasian Pharma Awards 2021

The Finale of the Eurasian Pharmaceutical Summit was the announcement of the winners of the Eurasian Pharma Awards

The 2021 Eurasian Pharma Awards competition was held under the slogan “Taking the Challenges. Winning. Inspiring ”. Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, distributors and pharmacy chains from 13 countries of the Eurasian region were invited to participate in the competition. There were 127 applications for the competition, and it was a great honor for the organizers to award the best.

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for your work and projects!



Bayer Consumer Health, the leader in the global market for non-prescription drugs, has decided to take its business in CIS countries to a new level. Bayer Consumer Health is present in 8 CIS countries, where it demonstrates growth rates above the market average. The company is making significant efforts to expand its product portfolio in CIS countries and launch new SKUs, using a strategy of global innovation.



Stada continues to demonstrate robust growth in 2021, outperforming the market average. Stada’s overall sales growth in the first half of 2021 was 55% compared to 2020.



Bosnalijek celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2021. The headquarters of the company is located in Sarajevo, and the products are sold in 14 countries of Central and South-Eastern Europe, the CIS and South-West Asia. Bosnalijek manufactures over 160 medicines based on 83 generic names for key therapeutic areas. The company strengthens its presence in the CIS countries, successfully entering the markets of Belarus, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia. The drug portfolio in these countries includes up to 7 brands.



The Kazakh company Santo is awarded in the Local Company of the Year nomination. Santo is the market leader in Central Asia with the fastest new product launches. The company is a leader in a range of anticancer drugs, supplying both to the domestic market of Kazakhstan and to the Central Asian markets. More than 30% of the portfolio of medicines produced by Santo in Kazakhstan is used in the therapy of COVID-19. The unique production complex of the company in Shymkent allows the production of drugs in various dosage forms.


The Uzbek company GRAND PHARM TRADE became the winner in the nomination Distributor of the Year. Over the past year, the company managed to increase sales in the Uzbek market by 50%, increase the number of imported commodities by more than 300 SKU, and from the beginning of 2021 sign more than ten new agreements with leading international manufacturers. The number of the company’s employees has more than doubled over the past year, up to 2,200 people. The company opened a new training center to improve the qualifications of its employees, began implementing GDP standards and using a loyalty system through the SAP system for buyers of its distribution network.



The Uzbek pharmacy chain OXYmed is awarded as the Pharmacy Chain of the Year. The OXYmed pharmacy chain is part of the Asklepiy group of companies. 113 OXYmed pharmacies throughout Uzbekistan serve more than 2 million people annually. The company pays great attention to the constant expansion of the range of products presented in its pharmacies and to the improvement of the level of professionalism of pharmacists and pharmacists.

Irina Romanova, Head of the Eurasia Zone, OTC Medicines and Health Products Business Unit, Sanofi

руководитель зоны Евразия бизнес-подразделения безрецептурных препаратов и товаров для здоровья компании Sanofi Ирина Романова

In the Leader of the Year nomination, Irina Romanova, the head of the Eurasia zone of the business unit of OTC drugs and health products of Sanofi, is awarded. Irina Romanova is a passionate professional with an aim to empower people to effectively manage their own health and inspire the team to change the lives of others for the better. Under Irina’s leadership, the Eurasia division of Sanofi CHC is showing steady growth. Irina always confirms her commitment to corporate ethics and standards of conduct and inspires the team to reveal their potential and learn new skills, leading by her personal example. Irina has managed to create a positive, enjoyable, truly inclusive work environment. This is confirmed by the very low staff turnover in the Eurasia zone of Sanofi CHC.

Said Talibov, General Director, ASKLEPIY Distribution

Said Talibov

In the Leader of the Year nomination, a young leader is also awarded – Said Talibov, general director of the Uzbek company Asklepiy Distribution. Said began working for the company as a procurement manager. He was promoted last year from the position of commercial director to the position of CEO of Asklepiy Distribution. During his tenure, the company has tripled its net revenue, and the product range has been expanded to 6,000 items. Said pays great attention to the restructuring of the company’s processes. Colleagues appreciate Said for the fact that he can lead the team to the goal and take responsibility for the result.



The Ukrainian company Farmak is awarded in the Exporter of the Year nomination. By the end of 2020, the company increased the share of exports in total sales to almost 30%. By the end of the year, the company’s export supplies increased by 40%. Farmak exports its products to 35 countries, including the EU, Central and South America, the CIS, the Middle East and Asia.


The winner in the Digital Project of the Year nomination is the company Servier for the If You Have a Heart project. It is a platform designed to address the issue of awareness among patients with cardiovascular disease. The key task of the portal If You Have a Heart is to provide up-to-date and reliable information about diseases of the heart and blood vessels, as well as to tell patients and their families in an accessible form and in different formats about the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and other concomitant diseases. One of the additional goals of the project is to help the doctors establish communication with the patients and make the most efficient use of time at the appointment. The accuracy of the information on the site is confirmed by the National Society for the Study of Heart Failure and Myocardial Disease.

Olainfarm for the Doctor's Academy Platform project


The winner in the Digital Project of the Year nomination is Olainfarm for the Doctor’s Academy Platform project. The platform was launched in December 2020. During the year, 4,700 medical specialists from key therapeutic areas have registered on it. KPIs, such as the average number of visits to the portal by a doctor per month, the average percentage of whole video views, and the average time spent on the platform, confirm a high level of audience engagement.

Natalya Chukreeva, Director of Pharmaceutical Activities for EAEU Countries, Servier

Natalia Chukreeva

One of the winners in the nomination “Director of the Year for Regulatory Relations” was Natalya Chukreeva, director of pharmaceutical activities for the EAEU countries, Servier. As part of the large-scale task of forming a single pharmaceutical market in the EAEU by 2026, the pharmaceutical activity department in the EAEU countries of Servier, under the leadership of Natalia Chukreeva, carries out systematic work on registration and life cycle management of drugs, registration of prices for drugs from the VED list, preparation for GMP inspections, confirmation of compliance of information materials of medicinal products and post-registration observational studies with the requirements of pharmaceutical law and registration data. Natalia’s team has already achieved significant success in this direction.

Alla Sorokoletova, Director for Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Quality at Acino in Ukraine and the CIS

Alla Sorokoletova

Alla Sorokoletova, Director of Medical and Regulatory Affairs, Pharmacovigilance and Quality at Acino in Ukraine and the CIS countries, became another winner in the nomination Director of the Year for Regulatory Relations. In 2015, Alla’s career at Acino began with a challenge to rebuild important functions for the company from scratch – registration, medical department, pharmacovigilance – in an extremely short period, which she successfully coped with. Today, the company has 100% ensured the compliance of registration dossiers, the validity and integrity of data, control over the safety and efficacy of the company’s medicines for patients, a pharmacovigilance system has been built up, which operates 24/7 and fully complies with high international standards. For partner product portfolios, the provision of appropriate regulatory support and quality control at the stages of import and commercial circulation of licensed products is organized, as well as the development of effective medical strategies.



The winner in the “Innovation of the Year” nomination is the Belarusian company – the state-owned enterprise ACADEMPHARM. In 2021, ACADEMPHARM was the first among Belarusian companies to bring the drug Rivaksan to the market. The drug is in demand not only in cardiology, cardiac surgery, orthopedics, but also for the treatment of coronavirus infection and the prevention of complications after this disease. The pill has a unique exclusive shell produced by the German company Merck, which provides not only the external attractiveness of the tablet, but also protects against counterfeiting.

Gedeon Richter Kazakhstan

Gedeon Richter Kazakhstan

One of the winners in the “Socially Responsible Project of the Year” nomination is Gedeon Richter Kazakhstan for the “Achieve the Goal” project. The goal of the project is to involve doctors and patients in the effective control of blood pressure and low-density lipoproteins. Within the framework of the project, a large conference was held with the participation of opinion leaders, master classes for the curators of the project in the regions and webinars for doctors. The campaign resulted in increased loyalty of doctors to the company and brands, brand awareness and sales of Gedeon Richter’s drugs.



Another winner in the Socially Responsible Project category goes to the German company Merck for its infertility awareness campaign. Every sixth couple in Russia is faced with infertility. Moreover, about 64% of these families never seek medical help. The reason for this is the low level of public awareness about modern methods of overcoming infertility, as well as the importance of timely diagnosis. That is why Merck has set itself the task of implementing an awareness campaign – a comprehensive project involving the medical community, healthcare providers, celebrities, journalists and bloggers to raise awareness of fertility issues and how to overcome them – and has made significant progress in the project.

Acino Ukraine

Acino Ukraine

Another winner in the “Socially Responsible Project of the Year” nomination is the Ukrainian division of Acino for the “Your Serene Light” project. The aim of the project is to help children with autism spectrum disorder in socialization and improve their quality of life, as well as to promote the dissemination of information about autism among healthcare professionals, educators and parents. The project has been going on for over three years. During this time, support was provided to rehabilitation centers for children with autism, various conferences were organized, a large course of video lectures was created, and teaching help books were published.

Alina Bevz, head of the scientific direction of Sanofi CHC in the Eurasia zone

Alina Bevz

In the nomination Medical Director of the Year, Alina Bevz, head of the scientific direction of Sanofi CHC in the Eurasia zone, is awarded. Alina is an inspiring leader in an era of challenges and changes. In 2021, thanks to personal and team achievements, as well as high trust from the global team and local leadership, Alina, from the position of medical director, moved to the role of head of the scientific department at the level of the Eurasia zone with an expansion of her area of ​​responsibility, uniting the medical, regulatory and quality departments in 12 countries. Having on the one hand a big challenge and, on the other hand, carte blanche to build a new highly efficient structure, Alina in 2021 not only ensured full business continuity, but under her leadership, a number of strategic initiatives were implemented to form a team of the newly created scientific department, implement Real-world-data project, publication of scientific articles in international journals and a number of other initiatives.

Irina Maysuradze, Head of Human Resources, Eurasia, Sanofi OTC & Health Business

Irina Maysuradze

The representative of Sanofi CHC became the winner in the nomination “Human Resources Director of the Year”. This is Irina Maysuradze, Head of Human Resources in the Eurasia Zone, Sanofi OTC Medicines and Health Products Business Unit. For 12 years now, Irina has been investing in the development of Sanofi’s employees, opening up new growth prospects. Under Irina’s leadership, Sanofi creates conditions for attracting, developing and retaining young talents. Over the past year, more than 40 employees from the Eurasia zone have received a promotion within the company, and have become part of global and regional teams. Irina Maysuradze’s name is inextricably linked to innovation at Sanofi. She tirelessly demonstrates ositive thinking, a fine sense of humor, the ability to find common ground with any employee and to motivate. Thanks to these traits, Irina raises the level of happiness in Sanofi. Proof of this is the low level of staff turnover during the Sanofi SNA pandemic in Eurasia.

Natalia Solovieva, Director of Marketing and Strategic Development of the Eurasia Business Unit, Bosnalek

Natalia Solovieva

Natalya Solovieva, Director of Marketing and Strategic Development of the Eurasia Business Unit of Bosnalijek, became the winner in the Marketing Director of the Year nomination. During her 20 years of work, Natalia has gained multidisciplinary experience at Western and Russian companies. Under the leadership of Natalia Solovieva, many drugs were introduced to the Russian market, which received consumer recognition and became bestsellers. Advertising campaigns developed under her leadership have become classic cases of using non-standard approaches in building effective communication with the consumer. At present Natalya Solovieva is in charge of the marketing activities of the Bosnalijek company, which represents the leading drugs in their categories – Lizobakt and Enterofuril – on the Russian market . A large-scale advertising campaign for the drug “Lizobakt” has become one of the most talked about marketing events in the media space, and unusual commercials have received millions of views.