Eurasian Pharma Awards 2020

The final of the Eurasian Virtual Pharmaceutical Summit was the awarding of the winners of the Eurasian Pharma Awards

2020 required innovative approaches from pharmaceutical companies and the mobilization of all resources. Leadership and innovative solutions are what allows us to overcome the unprecedented challenges of the current year. The 2020 Eurasian Pharma Awards competition was held by Advantix Pharma under the motto “Ambiguous times – unequivocal leaders: overcoming challenges, developing and inspiring to win”.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, distributors and pharmacy chains from 13 countries of the Eurasian region were invited to participate in the competition. More than 70 applications were submitted for the competition, and it was a great honor for the hosts to award the best.

Congratulations to the winners! Thanks for your work and projects!

We are pleased to announce the winners!

Irina Romanova, Head of the Eurasia Zone, OTC Medicines and Health Products Business Unit, Sanofi


Stada for partnership with Wildberries

CBG “R-Farm” for partnership with Canon Medical Systems Corporation

Gulzhan Rustemova, Director of Commerce and Planning, Asia-Caucasus Cluster, Takeda

Maxim Stetsyuk, Executive Director, NANOLEK

Daniyar Dzhankulov, Head of Genetic Diseases and Gastroenterology Business Unit, Central Asia – Caucasus Cluster, Takeda

GC ``R-Pharm`` (registration of Artlegia, the drug for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis)

Sanofi Kazakhstan (registration in Kazakhstan of Solikva® SoloStar®, the drug for the treatment of diabetes mellitus )

Sanofi Kazakhstan (for the delivery of the drug ``Clexane`` in a record short time during the pandemic to Kazakhstan)

Olga Chertkova, Roche (nominated for work as a Subregional Medical Director of the CIS and Caucasian countries)

Alina Bevz, Medical Director of the Eurasia Zone, OTC Medicines and Health Products Business Unit, Sanofi

Merck (project “German Translation Award Merck for literary translation of German-speaking authors to Russian”)

Acino Belarus (projects dedicated to World Heart Day)

Sanofi (for the children's digital campaign of the Guttalax brand)

Novartis (for digital projects in Medical Affairs)

KATREN (for project)